Before LegalShield, I was a single parent working in the customer service department for BellSouth Telecommunications and prior to that I worked in retail management for Target stores.

Back then I also tried a couple of other traditional businesses (window cleaning and water distributorship) but I was pretty much living check to check—but sometimes it felt like no check. I knew I wanted more from life, so I decided to get started with this opportunity and within six months I was earning more with my LegalShield business! This really showed me what was possible, and within two years and eight months from the day I started, I earned my LegalShield ring!

I have been with LegalShield since the late-1990s, which has allowed me more time to do what I enjoy! On top of that, I like to travel, and because of this company, I’ve earned all-expense-paid vacations all while making a living—from home!

I was in another company when this opportunity was introduced to me. The concept and compensation plan made total sense then and makes even more sense NOW as a vehicle for part-time income or full-time income!

What I like best about LegalShield is the uniqueness of the service, there’s no real competition, and the market ahead is HUGE! With all the branding initiatives and awareness campaigns, it’s easy to see how LegalShield will become a household name and will create even more success stories!

When I first started with LegalShield, my children, Kenya and Jibril, were 7 and 8 years old, and now as adults, they’re living their own lives and doing well. Because of LegalShield, when they were younger, I was able to attend various school functions and other activities that a “9-to-5” job would have kept me from attending. I’ve also been able to set an example for my children and others on how hard work and determination pays off. This business has led me to being invited to speak on radio programs, college campuses, and grade schools and help with mentoring programs for inner city youth, etc.

For me, this will be a “career year,” meaning I will do more this year personally than I have in any other year with this company! I also have a HUGE focus on building new Director and Executive Director lines, along with tripling my numbers from last year.

My advice to new Associates is don’t let fear of rejection or negative people rob you of the success you can have with LegalShield. Feed the faith and starve the fear. When faced with a challenge, look for a way, not a way out! Success boils down to exposing, following up, and using events to help you and your team grow! Personal development is key to your success and be ever aware of the law of associations because who you spend time with will help make OR break you!

A special thanks goes to my immediate family, Harland and Shirley Stonecipher (who laid the path for us to run on), the Team Fortune International family, the Alliance group, and ALL who have played a part (no matter how large or small) in any success I’ve had in life thus far! I’m extremely grateful to Allah (God) for this opportunity.