I have been blessed with two loving parents who provided me with an abundance of opportunities and nurtured a passion in me for helping others. As an educator since 1975, I have taught in public schools, earned a master’s degree, ran an adult literacy program, facilitated personal development education programs, and led women’s wilderness empowerment retreats.

In 1994, I was a stay-at-home mom looking to be part of something important that would make a difference, when I discovered The People’s Network. And in 1998, I transitioned into Pre-Paid Legal, desiring to keep the heart-felt relationships I had built with the Gardners, the AuCoins, and the Flemings.

For the past 18 years, I have had the opportunity to stay home and raise my children, Jonathan and Robyn, and build enough residual income to fund their university education. Now that they are both engineers, my residual income funds my retirement plan with my husband, Jim. I have quality time to pursue my passion for facilitating women’s empowerment courses, authoring my book, Network Marketing with Ease and Grace, and spending time with my husband building our mountain retreat in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. I’m delighted to envision spending summers at our wilderness cabin, hosting family and friends, and continuing to build my business and support our team while sitting on a rock by the creek.

LegalShield has allowed me to dream bigger than I ever could on a teacher’s salary—remodeling my home, taking time to volunteer and support people and organizations, and more importantly, being able to care for my amazing mother, my first Associate and my never-ending love and support. I am grateful to LegalShield for the opportunity to empower and inspire myself and others to create a more loving and joyful planet. It is exciting to be part of the evolution of our company. My goal for 2017, is to empower our team to use LegalShield as the vehicle for pursuing their dreams with ease, grace and joy.

My motto for staying in the game so long: Look UP, show UP, and never give UP.