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The PCC is the quickest and one of the most effective way of presenting to your warm market (people who know you) the LegalShield Membership & Opportunity.   By getting your upline coach/trainer on a call with you and your friends and family, you can expose LegalShield to them while they stay at home and just dial in!  It’s a GREAT no cost first exposure for you to take advantage of!  And it works nationwide!  Invite your family & friends from near and far, all across North America!  You can do multiple PCC’s!

  • Set up the time for your first two conference calls with your support team trainer.
  • Go to Free Conference Call  to get a free conference call number for your calls.
  • Give the number to your coach/trainer.  (If your sponsor is new to the business, contact your upline Director or Executive Director to help you with this.)

Call 25 or more people (no flyers or invitations or emails). Texts and emails are nice reminders but are very ineffective at inviting.  Keep in mind that only 25% will show up.  To get 10, invite 40 or 50.

  • Be excited
  • Practice verbal invites with your Coach/Trainer
  • Some helpful phrases to consider including:  Want you to hear about my new business project / looks like a lot of money can be made / you may not be interested, but will probably know some people who would love to know about this / would really mean the world to me and my family if you’d be on this call / want to get your feedback or opinion / would really support me /  can’t leave you out / wanted to be in business with you / CAN I COUNT ON YOU TO BE HERE FOR ME/US?  If they ask, “What’s it about?” – here are some options:  Making full time money on a part time basis / I’m in training and don’t want to try to explain it yet / it’s regarding Identity Theft and Legal Empowerment / that’s a great question and it’ll be answered in full at the get-together

         See the Contacting and Inviting section for more coaching on this.

  • Be on the call early.
  • Please thank your friends and family for getting on the call as they call in and when it’s time to start share why you have started your LegalShield business and your excitement about it.
  • Build up & edify the presenter and then introduce him/her (either in person or on the speaker phone).  You can build them up & edify any presenter by including the 4 personality descriptions along with their background, etc. –  “They know all the facts about this; they love helping people;  they really know how to make money with this; and they truly love having fun.”
  • After you introduce your Coach/Trainer please sit back and take notes – quietly.
  • Your presenter will take over and congratulate you again for starting your business and they will share a little of their own story.
  • Your presenter will review the membership benefits & business opportunity very briefly themselves, or they will play a short recording.
  • Your presenter will thank everyone for supporting you in your new business endeavor and let them know that with their assistance, you will be getting back with them to answer their questions, get them the rest of the information, and you look forward to helping some of them get started, etc.
  • Call usually lasts around 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Do not interrupt the Trainer.
  • Enjoy the Journey!!!

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