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Welcome to The Performance Family

Helping you to design a LIFE you LOVE to LIVE!

Founding Leaders of The Performance Family, Frank & Theresa AuCoin, have been with LegalShield since 1998. Having a background in teaching (Theresa) and in traditional business (both), Frank and Theresa have focused on building their LegalShield business so that many other associates could be empowered with the financial rewards of this powerful business. Along with their amazing leaders, Frank and Theresa love helping others achieve financial freedom. That means YOU.

The AuCoin’s passion is to empower you to use LegalShield as a vehicle to create the exact lifestyle you dream of. They know first hand that LegalShield is a great way to design your dream life because of the leveraged and residual income. The AuCoin’s have achieved the prestigious $400,000 Ring, are Millionaire Club Members and are Platinum Jacket Achievers.

LegalShield is a true equal opportunity business; regardless of your background, your education, your race, your religion, you can get paid what you are worth.

“LegalShield is not a get-rich-quick deal. But it is a plan that works if you work it,” the AuCoins say.

The training you will get from The AuCoin’s and their world class leaders is second to none. You are an integral part of a great organization, a team that’s growing fast, earning millions in commissions, traveling the world, and all for helping others own the incredibly powerful LegalShield & IDShield Memberships.

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