the five hinges

Be Respectful
Be on Time and Be Prepared
Do What You Say You’ll Do
Finish What You Start No Matter What
Say Thank You and Please

Each year, the Performance Family awards the associate who most exemplifies these qualities the beautiful hand made crystal 5 HINGES AWARD.

This award and what it stands for goes way beyond the success inside of LegalShield.

By incorporating THE 5 HINGES into your personal philosophy, you will become a very welcomed guest, never an annoying pest.

THE 5 HINGES can be used as a litmus test of sorts, a filter if you will, for identifying those to work with, be in relationships with, to spend your precious time with and to not only make an impact on the world, but to build a good life.

These characteristics are the foundation for building TRUST in every ongoing great relationship.
TRUST is the essential lubricant that makes the world run smooth.

This is the Performance Family’s Academy Award for a person at the top of their game, who practices these traits each and every day:

2019 Award Winners

John & Elizabeth Gardner

2018 Award Winner

Sarah Mitchell

2017 Award Winner

Corey Muhammad