How Aaron Browning hit $200K in 15 months

Browning Hits $200k in 15 Months-You Can Too!

Aaron Browning Senior Director and Above Training

Theresa: About this call, we want you to hear from the, or we feel like, the person in the company right now is definitely leading the way. I’ve got my camera up here because Frank is in a remote area, he can’t get on; he can’t even make the phone number work. So anyway, I’ve got him connected here and hopefully he can see it because his FaceTime keeps going off for me, but hopefully he can see it in here. So anyway, we are going to introduce Aaron Browning. For those of you who don’t know who he is, I think most of you, you’re famous Aaron, and everybody knows who you are.

Aaron Browning: Let me grab my wife, I want her to hear this.

Theresa: Just in case this young man has just, he’s been like a lightning streak in the business in a very, very good way. He has reached the $200,000 ring in way less than two years. What, 15 months or something like that. Aaron, correct me if I’m wrong.

Aaron Browning: Yep, correct.

Theresa: And I would like for you to share with everybody the number of recruits you and your team have maybe so far this month because you all are exploding.

Aaron Browning: Yeah. Yeah. I just checked this morning; we’re sitting at 110 power team recruits month to date.

Theresa: Wow. Okay. That is super great. Elizabeth, anything you want to say before we turn it over to this superstar and Frank?

Elizabeth: No, just excited about him. Obviously he’s also the new network Vice President for Virginia and so I’ve had a little bit of time to get to spend with him in that environment and he’s just, he’s just a great leader all the way around and just a blessing to the company. And today I’m just excited he’s going to be a blessing to each and every one of us. So thank you Aaron.

Aaron Browning: Absolutely. And if you guys don’t mind, let’s do a kind of a Q and A.

I’m going to jump in and share some nuggets that are on my mind and heart today, but I would love for especially the leadership team here to kind of take it where you guys want it to go. That’s okay. Cool. Okay.

So I’m going to talk a little bit about on boarding. So I think this is really important about how we set up our PCC. And you know, I should also say this, and this is not to be cocky, I just want to frame it. We’ve been doing PCC since we came over 15 months ago. Like before it was cool. We were failing forward. So the success we’re having now is because we were in the trenches doing this, like we were failing forward, we were doing them but no one was showing up.

We were doing them, 20 people showed and no one signed. So we were constantly tweaking and pivoting, trying to make this work. And we’re still doing that now. By no means is it perfect and that’s something talking with Elizabeth and Teresa yesterday is I kept saying we’re monitoring numbers and then we’ll pivot it, we’re not just making it up. So hopefully you guys take that forward it is.