Ongoing Monthly Recognition

Updated February 13, 2020


Performance Family Associates moving through the compensation plan.

PC by the 15th

Associates achieving Performance Club in the second week of the month.

Performance Club

Performance Family Associates making Performance Club this month.

Top Producers

Associates selling the most memberships this month.

Top Recruiters

Associates recruiting the most new associates this month.

Special Awards

5 Hinges Award

Platinum World Council

Share Your Success

Let us know the small to large triumph you have had in your LegalShield business.

Team Recognition Program

Check out your Performance Family recognition program, you may be in line for an award!


New Performance Family!

New Ranks

NEW Performance Family Executive Directors

Anna & Gary Hauser

Antonio Chalons Salzar

Ariel Samone

Brett Boeve

Joanne & Bruce Root

Joseph Littejohn

Karen Bottorf

Keyara Overton

Larry Hemingway

Pamela Smith

Asha Chai-Chang

NEW Performance Family BRONZE Executive Directors

Sandra Lollino

Ian McAlister

Keyara Overton

Matthew Root

Ariel Samone

NEW Performance Family SILVER Executive Directors

Kalon Blanchard

NEW Performance Family GOLD Executive Directors

Justin Peterson & Nick Odom

Eddie & Dee Dee Smith

Benjamin Notini

NEW Performance Family PLATINUM Executive Directors

John Hall

Nick Odom

Justin Peterson

Eddie & Dee Dee Smith

New Ring Earners

Performance Family $50K Ring Earners

Dr. Charles Steele

Kalon Blanchard

Eddie & Dee Dee Smith

Benjamin Notini

Sarah & Pick Mitchell

Nancy Chaconas

Matthew Root

Rob & April Hurst

Performance Family $100K Ring Earners

Justin Peterson & Nick Odom

Kerry Avant

Steve Pettee

Performance Family $150K Ring Earners

Steve Pettee

NEW Performance Family $300K Ring Earners

Elizabeth & John Gardner

Performance Family $400K Ring Earners

Frank & Theresa AuCoin

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