platinum world council

Platinum World Council

In the world of LegalShield, being invited to join the Platinum World Council is the very highest achievement and for most, the most revered honor. To belong to this elite group of truly TOP LEADERS in the entire company is very rare air, leaving room for many more! In order to receive this invitation, you must achieve Platinum Executive Director level for 12 consecutive months. To remain in Platinum World Council requires monthly achievement of Platinum level. The benefits are magnificent, beginning with an extra $2,000 per month, a $20K bonus, and includes a world famous all inclusive trip annually for two. The 2018 Platinum World Council Trip was to Iceland. In addition to the many benefits, the Platinum World Council is our CEO’s consulting group. This group of top leaders helps make many decisions for us all.

We are SO VERY proud of the Gardners for this magnificent achievement. To realize that they achieved this in 2018 when John was fighting cancer, when they were out of the country in Mexico for John’s treatments much of the year, certainly takes away everyone else’s “excuses.” When they made the decision to commit to this goal, they were all in. Their results speak volumes. CONGRATULATIONS to John and Elizabeth Gardner for being a part of the prestigious PLATINUM WORLD COUNCIL!