John & Elizabeth Gardner

John & Elizabeth Gardner

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South Carolina

Prior to becoming involved in LegalShield, John Gardner practiced law in South Carolina for 25 years and had six offices spread over the eastern half of the state. He spent eight years as a member of the South Carolina General Assembly and was elected by his peers to serve four years as one of the State Highway Commissioners.

When John was introduced to LegalShield, he flew to the company headquarters to meet with the Home Office staff, including the late Mr. Harland Stonecipher and the late Wilburn Smith. “It was at that time I realized LegalShield had the ability to change the way legal services were delivered to Americans.”

John had been a lawyer for more than two decades. His father’s father was a lawyer, and his father was the first judge elected to the South Carolina Court of Appeals.

John said, “For three generations, my family has been involved with helping those who could not help themselves. I remember when I was 10 years old, going to our local jail in a small southern town on Saturday nights to help get bleeding, beaten men out of jail—men who had been terribly abused by the system. It was a driving reason to practice law—helping those who could not access the system.”

The problem was that the economic demands of the successful practice of law did not allow for helping those who most needed it.

John’s wife, Elizabeth, designed a marketing program in partnership with a CBS affiliate that supported programs for the disabled, the elderly, the Boy Scout food drive for the hungry, and a program to collect coats for kids who did not have them in the winter. She won the National American Bar Association award for dignity in advertising because of her efforts.

“One of the biggest blessings of being involved with LegalShield is you don’t have to make the choice between economics and helping others,” said John. “Here, the only way to be more successful is to help more people. The membership is so powerful! And the opportunity brings not only financial rewards but also the satisfaction of offering someone the ability to regain control of their life. LegalShield has allowed us more time, which we simply didn’t have before, and we are blessed to share that vision with others who want the same.”

He continued, “We have been blessed to coauthor four books, Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul, Living at the Summit—A Novel Approach to an Exceptional Life, Bound in the Bible—Creating Your Family Legacy within the Word of God, and If You Are Me, Then Who Am I? The Personal and Business Reality of Identity Theft. In coauthoring Chicken Soup for the Entrepreneur’s Soul, I learned a lot about helping people get started in business, and I believe LegalShield is the perfect entrepreneurial incubator. Your desire, not your history, determines your success in LegalShield. We are surrounded by a team of awesome individuals—people like us who decided to create their own future.”

The Gardners have been involved with the company since 1998, and they are more excited about the future of LegalShield than at any other time in their history. “Identity theft is exponentially increasing, and we have the best product by far to address it. LegalShield is disrupting the price of access to the legal system by driving the cost of a lawyer from $1,000 a morning to less than a dollar a day. The company has made the complex and expensive process of accessing their rights as easy as tapping an app, available 24 hours a day. The products, access, and price are all but impossible to duplicate, and we have a noble cause, equal access that will drive us forward.” As John says, “It is going to be an exciting ride!”