Rodney & Thao Sommerville

Rodney & Thao Sommerville

Millionaire Club Members
$250K Ring Earners

North Carolina

Thao and I have been with LegalShield for nearly 20 years now and are more excited today than we have ever been because the opportunity for service to others, personal/professional growth, and financial gain continue to expand. This company has shown its dedication to delivering the highest quality products and building a brand that will stand the test of time so we are very proud to represent. Prior to LegalShield, we thought that the greatest opportunities were in Corporate America, so we took on huge student loan debts in pursuit of our college education for careers that we thought would bring six-figures income, but unfortunately it brought us six figures in debt. Add to that the mortgage, car payments, as well as maxed-out credit cards and we were in real financial trouble. And although we earned great incomes as a civil engineer and human resource professionals, it just wasn’t enough. That’s when we realized that the greatest opportunities were not in a job, but in the free enterprise system. The opportunity to have both time and money for us was a chance at real freedom.

Because of LegalShield, we were able to replace our incomes, retire from Corporate America and give ourselves huge raises in the process. We’ve spent the last 19 years growing personally and professionally, building lifelong friendships, earning multiple all-expenses-paid trips, car bonus checks, and building a residual income that will ensure us a “first class” retirement. We get to be work-from-home parents, travel as a family, take care of our parents through their health challenges, and build an incredible life.

One of the biggest lessons Thao and I have learned after being together over the past 33 years is that it’s not the conditions of our lives that determine our outcomes, it’s the decisions we make in our lives that determine our outcomes.

Because we have a burning desire to succeed, a willingness to put in the work, and the commitment to follow a system, our goal for VISION 2020 is to have over 100 associates qualifying for Executive Director every month. So we are very much focused on the future with incredible excitement and anticipation.

We are standing on the shoulders of giants and owe our success to an awesome team, which has become more like family. We are truly building a dynasty and leaving a legacy. When you can plug into a proven system and surround yourself with positive, motivated people who encourage, who want to see each other succeed and push one another, nothing is beyond your reach. To get your share, all that’s left is to simply GO TO WORK and build your six figures from home for life!