When do you need to learn the membership presentation?
That’s up to you.  Because of our system using the tools and events, it’s not necessary that you ever do a presentation any one or any group.


What are the benefits of learning the membership presentation?
There are many benefits to learning and doing membership (and opportunity) presentations.

1.  No one learns the membership benefits better than someone learning to present them.
2.  Being able to sit down with a contact and take 15 minutes to go over the benefits of our membership is VERY effective and almost always results in a new member.  It’s truly hard for any grown person to listen to the benefits, with your examples along the way, and NOT want the membership.
3.  You become much more VALUABLE to yourself and your team in building your business.  You can now sit-down with contacts of your team members and do the presentation for them, with them observing and learning.
4.  Every time you experience presenting our benefits, YOU get more solid in your belief about our company and valuable and empowering services.  The stronger you are in your belief, the easier and faster you will build your business!  This is a major reason presenters grow big teams.


How to Learn the Presentation.
1.  USE your own membership.  Until you do this, you are just talking ABOUT something.  When you have experienced using the membership, then you are sharing from your heart, from a totally different perspective.

2.  ATTEND every business briefing, Super Saturday, etc. possible.  TAKE NOTES.  Include taking notes on the membership example stories.  Collect examples on each area of coverage.

3.  MAKE APPOINTMENTS for your upline support to sit down with your contacts for presentations.  Don’t interrupt.  Take notes.

4.  ATTEND Group School.  This is the class where you learn the most about the membership.  You don’t need to attend with the intention of ever doing Group Sales.  But it’s very valuable to know enough about this side of the business so that you can easily speak the language and recruit people who WILL love the Group Sales side.

5.  PRACTICE your presentation with your upline support before you do your first one.

6.  Always use a TOOL during your presentation.  Flip books are easy to use.

7.  Always ask for REFERRALS, except when your contact is becoming an Associate.

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