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Training Zoom/Call Every Wednesday 9pm E

Training Zoom/Call Every Wednesday

Join YOUR TEAM each week to learn and achieve more. Your team’s top leaders arrange and host this call to support your growth. Each call is filled with POWERFUL information, all designed to help you: “Clarify ~ Simplify ~ and Unclutter” to grow a big income. Call in 15 min. early to announce yourself.

PLEASE join us on ZOOM with your camera on! (password is 1234) OR ZOOM MEETING ID: 595*649*4831 (password is 1234). Dial-in 1+(669)900-6833;5956494831#,#

Get Your Week Started Right Every Monday!

15 to 20 minutes of a powerful message to get us all off to a good start for the week.
605-313-4819 765916# John & Elizabeth Gardner, Platinum World Council Members.

LegalShield Leadership Show & Newsletter

New and Live every Sunday 7pm E or watch Mondays at 11am E or later.

Plug into all the announcements, promotions, trips, recognition and more for all of LegalShield. Find the links at the top of your LSEngage dashboard and also in the weekly newsletter that you should be receiving in your email from home office.

(If you are not receiving it, contact home office: 580-436-7424 or Also you can download the free Livestream app (iOS or Android) or watch via the web.

Live Young Pros Zooms/Calls

8pm (e)
RECRUITING Mondays and Thursdays & TRAINING Wednesdays

LOJ Zooms/Calls: (646)-876-9923 pin 570475070#
Monday’s 8pm (e) Training
Tuesday’s 11am (e) Coffee/Membership
Wednesday’s 8pm (e) Opportunity Overview
Thursday’s 8:30pm (e) For New LOJ Associates
Friday’s 11am (e) Facebook Live for updates, motivation, & more

Spanish Zooms/Calls

WEDNESDAYS 8:30 pm E Prospecting Zooms/Calls
SUNDAYS 8:30pm E Training Zooms/Calls or (646) 876-9923, pin 117326932#

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