B U S I N E S S    R E C E P T I O N


Objective: The PBR is most effective way of presenting your warm market (people who know you) to the LegalShield Membership & Opportunity.   By getting your upline coach/trainer to come over to your home and present LegalShield to your friends and family allows you to expose 5-20 people at one time.  Or it can be done with your Coach/Trainer on your speaker phone talking to your guests in your home as well.

Call 25 or more people (no flyers or invitations or emails). Texts and emails are nice reminders but are very ineffective at inviting.  Keep in mind that only 25% will show up.  To get 10, invite 40 or 50.

  • Be excited
  • Practice verbal invites with your Coach/Trainer
  • Some helpful phrases to consider including:  Want you to hear about my new business project / looks like a lot of money can be made / you may not be interested, but will probably know some people who would love to know about this / would really mean the world to me and my family if you’d be on this call / want to get your feedback or opinion / would really support me /  can’t leave you out / wanted to be in business with you / CAN I COUNT ON YOU TO BE HERE FOR ME/US?

If they ask, “What’s it about?” – here are some options:  Making full time money on a part time basis / I’m in training and don’t want to try to explain it yet / it’s regarding Identity Theft and Legal Empowerment / that’s a great question and it’ll be answered in full at the get-together

See the Contacting and Inviting section for more coaching on this.

Set a time to get your list of invitees and their phone numbers to your Coach/Trainer so they can do confirmation calls.  Your Coach/Trainer will call to confirm them.  He/She will tell them how much they are looking forward to meeting them, etc.  This GREATLY increases your “show-ups.”

Ask each person who is attending to bring a bag of ice or bottle of soda, etc.  Giving them responsibility helps their show up rate.

  • Have your first PBR within 3-7 days of signing up
  • Have a backup PBR scheduled within 5 to 7 days of the first PBR
  • Make sure everyone has your address and directions if they need them.
  • Make arrangements for children and pets.  If anyone shows up with a child, you must apologize and tell them you will set another time to get with them.  A child present will greatly distract from the important content of the meeting.
  • You will need a DVD Player.
  • MUSIC:  Have upbeat (non-religious, non-offensive) music playing in the background as guests arrive and after the presentation.  (Never have a “dead” room.)
  • SNACKS: The rule is KEEP it SIMPLE.  You may have chips, dip, cookies, cake, soda, tea, etc.  All should be store-bought.  Serve this BEFORE and AFTER the presentation, NEVER during.  Do not BAKE anything please.  Avoid having anyone even “smell” food when they arrive.
  • PHONES: Turn OFF every phone when your PBR begins. Leave the phones off until after your PBR.
ROOM SET-UP: Keep your den/living room the same.  Do not add extra chairs, (no matter how many people you expect), until you actually NEED them.
Do Not Talk about all the people that didn’t show up – Focus on the ones who did, even if it’s just one!
Do Not have the television on when your Guests arrive
Do Not serve alcoholic beverages
101 Ways printed flyers
Current DVD with the membership and opportunity presentations
6 – 8 clipboards and pens with the cap off
Membership/Associate Applications
Flyers for next Local Business Briefing
Tools/materials to give each person before they leave but do not let anyone SEE your tools.  You will pull a DVD out (or other tool) to give each person when they actually leave.

1.  Welcome and thank them for coming. (Again don’t mention the guests who are not there)
2.   Ask everyone to please turn off all cell phones and pagers.
3.  Hand out the 101 Ways flyer to each person with a pen.  You or the Coach/Trainer can ask guests to circle anything on the flyer/brochure that could have applied to them in the past, present or future – or to their family members or friends.  They can be doing this while you cue up the DVD and get ready to start the PBR.
4.   Start the meeting.  Share why you are excited about your future with LegalShield.
5.   Build up & edify the presenter and then introduce him/her (either in person or on the speaker phone).
You can build them up & edify any presenter by including the 4 personality descriptions along with their background, etc. –  “They know all the facts about this; they love helping people;  they really know how to make money with this; and they truly love having fun.”
6.  Then sit down and be the most attentive person there.  Don’t ask questions before, during, or after the presentation.  Don’t comment unless you are asked something by the presenter.
7.  Your Coach/Trainer will either conduct the presentation themselves personally or with the DVD’s.
8.  Be ready to help with filling out applications for those ready to start!  Clip boards will help a lot!


Please do 1 – 5 above.  Then you will have your Coach/Trainer on your speaker phone and he/she will welcome everyone and tell everyone the agenda for your get – together.  Then have everyone watch the DVD and make note of any comments and questions because the Coach/Trainer will come back on the speaker phone at the end of the DVD to answer questions, etc.

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